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Reach truck stacking sequence

How to operate a Reach Truck

In this Reach Truck training Explainer video, our instructor demonstrates a 90 degree turn with a laden pallet into an industrial racking and how to safely stack at eye level. This is another common truck for Novice (beginner) forklift training.

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Reach truck stacking sequence

The rules for operators and the stability considerations of reach truck are generally the same as counterbalanced machines with some obvious differences such as fork height etc.

The rules regarding the use of the handbrake and all-round observation are the same as those for a counterbalance forklift truck. A few additional points to note:

  • Some reach trucks, do not have a neutral position
  • Some reach truck, such as the BT Reflex, do not have a separate handbrake
  • Some reach trucks have a tilting fork carriage and some a tilting mast

The truck should be stopped with the load approximately 15cm, (6 inches), away from the stack and the handbrake applied.

Bring the mast/forks to the level position

Normally reach trucks do not have as much forward and rear tilt as counterbalanced trucks. The load should be approximately level at this point taking care not to apply forward tilt. Note that a tall load may be impossible to stack in tight racking if tilt is applied.

Lift the load to the correct height

The load should now be elevated to the height required watching out for overhead obstructions.

Drive the forklift forwards towards the stack

The truck should be driven towards the stack taking care that the load fits on the racking and that the reach truck legs remain just short of the racking or bottom load. Once in position, the handbrake should be re-applied.

  • Reach the mast out to position the load accurately on the racking.

  • Lower the load carefully onto the racking making sure that the forks are free and level.
  • Retract the mast fully back. Note that reach trucks should not be driven with the mast extended particularly when laden as the truck will then behave in a similar manner to a counterbalance truck and can turn over forwards.

Reverse away from the stack ​

After checking that the forks are free in the load look behind carefully. Reverse out looking in the direction of travel with occasional glances at the load and forks. Stop when the forks are about 15cm, (6ins), away from the stack and apply handbrake.

Lower forks to the travelling position

Lower the forks to about 10cm, (4ins), from the floor and apply rear tilt for travelling. Look all around once more before driving off.

Like counterbalanced forklifts, the stacking exercises should be practiced at different heights before basic training can be considered to be complete.

Summary steps on how to stack at eye level

  • Follow the correct procedure to move off; Gear, Observation, Handbrake release and final Observation (GOBO).
  • Looking at the direction of travel drive forward at a slow steady speed.
  • Stay close to the racking.
  • Once you come in line with the first block of the pallet (Pivot Point) apply footbrake.
  • Before turning to the designated location, complete all round check and complete 90 degree turn towards designated area.
  • Stop 6 inches before the racking, apply handbrake and transmissions in neutral.
  • Take the tilt off the load ensuring the load and fork arms are all level.
  • Before you raise the load up, ensure there are no obstacles.
  • Gently raise the load up to the required height of the racking
  • Complete the GOBO procedure and drive towards the racking making sure the reach truck legs remain level and stop just short of the racking.
  • Once in position apply handbrake and transmissions in neutral.
  • Complete all round check.
  • Extend your Reach out and place the load on the racking.
  • Once the load is on the racking, make sure that the fork arms are clear; not grazing the top or bottom of the pallet.
  • Retract the Reach fully back.
  • Select reverse and complete the GOBO procedure.
  • Reverse and look in the direction of travel, 80% back, 20% forward.
  • Once your fork arms are clear of the load, 6 inches, apply handbrake and transmission in neutral.
  • Lower your forks back into travelling position (4-6inches off the ground)
  • Apply tilt, and back to GOBO procedure and back to your starting position.

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