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How to deposit a load at ground level using Counterbalance

In this forklift training explainer video above, our instructor demonstrates how to safely deposit a load back on ground level using the counterbalance forklift truck. This is a common truck for Novice (beginner) forklift training.

Driving forward with a load and stopping 6 inches away from the designated area.

To avoid incidents while approaching the designated area, follow these requirements and recommendations:

  • Drive slowly and carefully at the direction of travel.
  • Stop 6 inches in front of the designated area.
  • Make sure the load is placed squarely in front of the designated area.
  • Make sure the forks arms are straight and mast are vertical position.
  • Apply hand break and transition in neutral.
  • Never raise or lower the fork arms unless the forklift is stopped and the brake is set
  • Before depositing the load, make sure the designated area is free from any obstacles or obstructions.
  • Use the pedal to creep forward and deposit the load in the designated area.
Mast Position

The mast is the part of the forklift in the front that the actual forklifts ride up and down on.

While you’re moving the mast, take care to avoid tip overs and dropped loads.

To do so, follow these requirements and recommendations:

  • Always use caution when using the mast to tilt loads
  • Never tilt the mast forward with forks elevated unless you are picking up a load or putting down a load
  • When stacking or tiering materials, tilt the mast backward only enough to stabilize the load and no more
  • When handling loads that are close to the trucks’ maximum load capacity, be cautious, tilt the mast back and position the heaviest part of the load against the carriage, and travel with the mast tilted back to keep the load stable
  • Use caution when tilting the mast forward while positioning the load onto the stack
  • Never travel on a forklift with the load tilted forward. This increases the load distance and destabilizes the load.

Steps on How to deposit a load Counterbalance

  • Follow the correct procedure to move off; Gear, Observation, Handbrake release and final Observation (GOBO).
  • Looking at the direction of travel driving forward at a slow steady speed.
  • Once you have arrived at your destination or location, stop 6 inches away from the allocated location.
  • Apply handbrake and put the transmission into neutral.
  • Move/ apply the mast to a vertical position ensuring that the load is level before depositing the load to the ground level.
  • Before depositing the load, we look around making sure that there are no obstacles or hazards around. Awareness of ground condition, ensuring its smooth, level, no debris, strong enough for the weight of the load.
  • Once the load is deposited safely to ground, lower the forks down an inch or two below the load ensuring the forks are not grazing the pallet or the ground.
  • Transmission into reverse (backwards), we repeat the GOBO procedure Gear, Observation, Handbrake release and final Observation.
  • Hand behind your seat,
  • Twisting your body looking at the direction of travel giving you a clear visibility
  • Keeping all limbs within the confines of the truck
  • Gently accelerate and reverse backwards at a very slow speed,
  • 80% looking at the direction of travel and 20% looking at the deposited load ensuring the fork arms are not grazing or rubbing the ground.
  • Once your fork arms have come out of the load, stop 6 inches away from the load
  • Apply handbrake and transmission into neutral
  • Go back into travelling position:
    • Lift your forks 4-6 inches off the ground and apply sufficient tilt and then go back to the GOBO procedure and reverse back to your destination.

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