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The Complete Reach Truck Training Course

Get your Reach Truck Licence today and become a qualified Reach Truck operator.


Reach Truck Training Course Overview

Reach trucks play a pivotal role in modern warehouse operations, providing efficient vertical and horizontal manoeuvrability for moving loads from shelf to shelf. These specialised forklifts require skilled operators who can navigate tight spaces while ensuring the safety of personnel and cargo. At 4KS Forklift Training, we offer a comprehensive RTITB Accredited Reach Truck Training Course designed to equip operators with the essential skills and expertise needed to operate reach trucks safely and efficiently.

Understanding Reach Truck Training

Reach Truck Training is a specialised forklift training program aimed at preparing operators for the unique challenges of handling reach trucks. Unlike counterbalance trucks, reach trucks have an extending mast that allows them to reach forward after picking up a load, making them ideal for narrow aisle operations. Our Reach Truck Operator course focuses on teaching operators how to operate these versatile machines safely and competently.

Reach Truck Training Course

Course Duration (For 3 People)

  • Novice candidate: 32.5 hours
  • Experienced (but untrained) candidate: 19.5 hours
  • Refresher (recommended every 3 years) candidate: 6.5 hours
  • Conversion candidate: 13 hours

3:1:1 (3 trainees: 1 instructor: 1 truck)


For more information, please view our training videos below to see how our Reach Truck training courses are conducted.

The Reach Truck Training Course Content

Our forklift Reach Truck Training Course covers a wide range of topics to ensure operators are well-prepared for real-world scenarios. Participants will receive comprehensive instruction on lift truck controls and instruments, enabling precise operation and enhanced productivity. Additionally, they will learn how to start, move, stop, and steer the reach truck safely, reducing the risk of accidents and damage.

Operating hydraulic controls efficiently is crucial for smooth and precise load handling. Our training emphasises the correct use of hydraulic functions to optimise reach truck performance and ensure the safe transportation of goods.

Battery care and maintenance are essential for maximising reach truck uptime and prolonging battery life. Operators will gain a deep understanding of forklift battery care best practices to avoid unnecessary downtime and increase operational efficiency.

Safe Load Handling Techniques

Weight assessment techniques are critical for safe load handling. Our course instructs operators on how to assess load weights accurately, ensuring the reach truck operates within its safe capacity limits and preventing overloading incidents.

Handling laden and unladen pallets requires finesse and precision. Our experienced trainers guide operators through proper pallet handling techniques, minimising the risk of product damage and ensuring efficient warehouse operations.

Driving on/off ramps and inclines confidently is essential for maintaining safety and productivity. Our Reach Truck Forklift Training equips operators with the skills to navigate ramps and inclines safely, reducing the likelihood of accidents and improving material handling efficiency.

reach truck training | 4KS Forklift Training

Maximising Warehouse Space

Stacking and de-stacking practices are essential for efficient space utilisation. Our training covers various stacking techniques, enabling operators to make the most of available warehouse space while maintaining order accuracy and accessibility.

Understanding and adhering to the operators’ safety code is fundamental for accident prevention. Our course emphasises the importance of safety protocols, promoting a safety-first culture among Reach truck operators.

Tailored Training for Different Experience Levels

At 4KS Forklift Training, we recognise that operators come with different levels of experience. Our Reach Truck Training courses cater to novices seeking a comprehensive introduction to reach truck operations as well as experienced forklift operators looking for specialised training. Depending on the selected level, the course duration can range from one to five days, ensuring operators receive training tailored to their specific needs.

Additionally, we offer Reach Truck refresher courses to reinforce skills and ensure operators stay up-to-date with the latest industry standards. Our highly qualified trainers conduct assessments and provide constructive feedback to help operators enhance their performance.

The Benefits of Reach Truck Training

Enrolling in a Reach Truck Forklift Training Course offers several advantages for both operators and businesses. Reach truck drivers gain hands-on experience and practical knowledge, empowering them to operate Reach trucks with confidence and proficiency. The personalised attention provided by our experienced trainers ensures that each candidate grasps concepts effectively, leading to a more skilled and capable workforce.

From a business perspective, investing in forklift Reach Truck Training leads to improved workplace safety and reduced accident risks. A skilled and competent workforce contributes to a more productive work environment, enhancing overall efficiency and reducing downtime due to accidents or mishandling of loads.

RTITB Accredited Reach Truck Training and Certification

Our Reach Truck Operator course is accredited by RTITB, the leading workplace transport training accrediting body in the UK and Ireland. Upon successful completion of the course, operators receive an RTITB Reach Truck Licence (License) and a certification that validates their competency. This industry-recognised certification further demonstrates the operator’s capabilities and adherence to safety standards.

Delivering Flexible Training Options

We understand the importance of flexibility, which is why our training courses can be conducted at our state-of-the-art forklift training centres in Birmingham and Peterborough. Additionally, if your workplace has suitable facilities, we can deliver the training on-site for your convenience.


Reach Truck Training is a vital investment for businesses seeking to optimise their warehouse operations and ensure workplace safety. At 4KS Forklift Training, our comprehensive Reach Truck Training Course equips operators with the essential skills and knowledge needed to handle reach trucks safely and efficiently. From novices to experienced operators, our tailored training options and flexible courses cater to the diverse needs of the industry. 

By enrolling in our RTITB accredited training, operators gain hands-on experience, practical knowledge, and industry-recognised certification, contributing to a more productive and safer work environment. Empower your operators with the knowledge and expertise to excel in Reach Truck operations and elevate your warehouse productivity to new heights. Contact us today to discuss your training needs, pricing options, and course availability.



Reach Truck Training Video | How to Stack at Eye Level

Reach Truck Training Video | How to De Stack at Eye Level​

Common Reach Truck Training Questions we get asked

Reach Truck Training is a specialised forklift training program designed to equip operators with the skills and knowledge necessary to safely operate reach trucks in warehouse environments.

The duration of our Reach Truck Training Course varies depending on the level of training you choose, ranging from 1 to 5 days.

We offer Reach Truck Training courses at our forklift training centres in Birmingham and Peterborough. Additionally, we can conduct training at your work premises if suitable facilities are available.

For pricing details and course availability, please get in touch with our team. We’ll be happy to provide all the information you need.

No, the terms Reach Truck Certification and Reach Truck License are used interchangeably to indicate that an operator has completed the required training and has demonstrated competence in operating reach trucks.

You get better visibility when driving in narrow aisles.

A Reach Truck can de-stack loads at higher levels than a counterbalance forklift.

Reach Trucks are mainly designed for inside use and not really designed for external use. You can use a counterbalance forklift for external uses instead.

This depends on what environment you are working in, Counterbalance can lift heavier weights and are designed for outside as well as inside, whereas a Reach Truck can lift higher and perform better in tight confined areas.

Counterbalance forklifts are more versatile as they have 3 fuel sources and can be used both indoors and outdoors and can be fitted with additional attachments.

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