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Easy LLOP Truck Training (PPT Training)

The basic warehouse truck commonly used in businesses. Get your Licence today.


LLOP Truck Training (Low Level Order Picker) or Powered Pallet Truck (PPT Training)

The LLOP Truck or Powered Pallet Truck (often referred to as PPT) is a well-known basic warehouse truck, and most organisations use this kind of MHE machinery. These vehicles play an important part in providing low cost pallet movement, designed to handle goods at ground level. PPTs/ LLOP Trucks assist in marshalling pallets, assembling orders, loading and unloading vehicles and a host of other important tasks.

A LLOP Truck is one of the simplest lift trucks available out there and very easy to operate. The same principles as a hand pump truck are applied to PPTs when operating it, the only difference is when the forks enter the pallet it can be electrically lifted off the ground. The main advantage is that it helps with manual handling and prevent injuries. PPT/ LLOP trucks are best suited when they are driven indoors with smooth ground condition.

Despite its seemingly simple and effective handling, the proper training is vital to operating powered pallet trucks, due to there being are much higher risk with lower limb injuries.

A Low Level Order Picker (often shortened to LLOPs) is driven as a rider operated pallet truck but the operator is lifted in the cab to access low level racking for order picking.

Another beginner level forklift truck would be the counterbalance forklift training which we would definitely recommend you take to expand you career opportunities.

LLOP Truck Training (PPT Training) - Forklift Training Birmingham



LLOP Truck PPT Training Video | Pick up a Load

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