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Forklift Training Course - Counterbalance
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Forklift Training Courses

We provide forklift training courses in Birmingham & Peterborough. See our course structures below depending on your individual requirements


Best Selling Forklift Training Courses

Semi Experienced Forklift Forklift Training Course - Counterbalance


The ideal beginner course for individuals or the company with its first Forklift Trucks with no previous experience of MATERIALS HANDLING EQUIPMENT.

This forklift training course follows all suggested guidelines in accordance to ACOP by the HSE and is approved by RTITB Training Board Standards, the accrediting body approved by the HSE. Any operational requirements can be adapted to suit you.

3:1:1 (3 trainees: 1 instructor: 1 truck)


Our forklift refresher course is suited for the operators who are trained and certificated. The forklift training course allows them to take a test to renew their licence. Licences are valid for 3 years.

3:1:1 (3 trainees: 1 instructor: 1 truck)


This forklift training course is designed for a forklift truck driver who has an extensive amount of experience; at least 12 months, however holds no licence and has had no formal forklift training. 3-Day forklift training course.

1:1:1 (1 trainee: 1 instructor: 1 truck)


Our forklift training conversion course is suited for the operators who are trained and certificated on certain forklifts. The forklift training course allows them to expand their licences on other types of trucks.

3:1:1 (3 trainees: 1 instructor: 1 truck)


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4KS Forklift Training
Forklift Operator

East End Wholesale Stores

The training covered all aspects of the forklift from safety to driving. Riz was very helpful had a friendly attitude. He was bilingual which helped one of my colleagues as he is not fluent in English.

4KS Forklift Training

Bridge Metals Birmingham

Being a company, which needs its staff at a high demand, 4KS delivered all the training while being COVID-19 safe following all guidelines and measures to ensure our safety and their own.

4KS Forklift Training
Forklift Trainee

Caleb Harris

I travelled from Rugby to complete my courses as 4KS was very cheap and good value. The centre is located within great transport links like the train station. Outstanding instructors with great knowledge.

4KS Forklift Training
Forklift Trainee

Nick Eden

The instructors here were very helpful and motivating throughout my process. I am very thankful to have passed my counterbalance course and can’t wait to start my new job. Also, very good value for money.

4KS Forklift Training


Really glad for the support in learning and can say it's a worthwhile experience and skill to have. I will 100% recommend this company and our company will be using 4KS Forklift again.

4KS Forklift Training

Coler Supply Solutions

After having already sent a member of the Coler team for their forklift license accreditation and getting such great feedback from our staff member we decided to send another 4 members of staff.

forklift training course 4KS Forklift Training

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