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For more information on our Forklift Training Courses, give us a call or come visit our training centre in Birmingham or Peterborough. Get a Forklift License today!

icon_widget_image Monday-Sunday: 8am to 8pm
icon_widget_image Unit 24, Bordesley Green Trading Estate, Birmingham, B8 1BZ
icon_widget_image 0121 294 9395
icon_widget_image Unit 4 Benedict Square, Peterborough PE4 6GD
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Forklift Training Centre Birmingham
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Forklift Training Centre Birmingham

LOCATION: Unit 24 Bordesley Green Trading Estate, Bordesley Green Road, Birmingham B8 1BZ

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4KS Forklift Training Centre Birmingham is now a purposely designed forklift training centre accredited by RTITB. Our training centre includes:

We also have a fully equipped battery charging area where the trainee learns about safe battery care procedures for either standard wet cells or auto fill systems.


Forklift Training Centre Birmingham

4KS Forklift Training centre Birmingham includes racking, stillage’s and pallets, diverse loads including 1 tonne loads and Live loads unevenly distributed loads with an approved RTITB test course including chicane exercises, turning and reversing in narrow aisles, practical operation and consists of lifting loads to eye level and high levels up to 3 metres.

Our classroom is fully equipped with a 50 inch T.V for video presentations and Health & Safety training to learn essential knowledge to prepare for the theory test. We also provide additional one to one training for candidates with learning difficulties. A full induction is given by our instructor before the training starts.

At the end of training, operators complete practical checks and a thorough written assessment to ensure confirmation of learning.

Successful operators will be registered on NORS database and receive a Registration Number. This means you and your employer can check your training is correct and that you are fully qualified.

Our mission is to provide high quality service that is adapted to the individual’s needs and delivered by our dedicated instructors that exceed industry standards. We are committed to making a positive difference that will be rewarding and meets our customer’s needs at competitive prices.

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    Why Choose 4KS Forklift Training Centre Birmingham for your Training?

    At 4KS Forklift Training we take pride in the quality of our training programmes and offer a lively relaxed approach to forklift training.

    What sets us apart, is that we enjoy our role and take an active interest in the relevance of our forklift training courses to your specific needs and to the progress and development of each trainee. Where problems exist, we identify those problems and work closely with the individual to try to resolve matters, prior to a test situation, thus ensuring that everything possible is done to achieve the required result. In addition, we offer a support service to all individuals whereby upon completion of the course, we are still on hand to offer advice or assistance as required. This is seen as an integral part of the service which we offer and is undertaken free of charge.

    We have a fully equipped RTITB Accredited Forklift Training Centre in Birmingham based in Bordesley Green, which uses the latest training techniques and a range of modern trucks.

    Forklift Instructor Training

    Why You Should Train

    Do you know that as a Trained Forklift Operator, there is always a job for you?

    Numerous opportunities exist for trained operators in industry, warehousing and construction. Companies who are actively recruiting will usually prefer to employ someone who already holds an accredited certificate of training. So ensure you get your forklift license today!

    So whether you are a company developing your employees or an individual looking to train, retrain, or to update your existing qualifications, gain the advantage and contact us today.