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Approved Forklift Licence

Here are some of the various types of forklift licences and how you can get yours at 4KS Forklift Training in Birmingham & Peterborough

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All forklift trucks are very popular nowadays in the commercial sector and mainly industrial sectors. Companies throughout the UK, are hiring forklift truck drivers and the job demand for FLT operators is getting higher and higher with time. If you are looking to kick start your career within the forklift operator sector, then getting a forklift licence or certification would be a great first step as this would open up the opportunity of a better paid job.

Employers nowadays want to hire candidates with the right forklift certification as they do not want to risk their companies as they could get fined for having untrained employees at work. By obtaining a forklift licence you could take your skills and credentials to a different workplace or jobs that offer a higher pay rate and more benefits as you gain more experience once you operate the truck for a longer period. The best thing about any forklift accredited licence is that it would always move with you wherever you decide to take your career.

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    Common Forklift Licence Question

    Do you need a driving licence to drive a forklift?

    Based on several forklift training inquiries we've received, the most common question most students ask is, "Do you need a driving licence to drive a forklift?" The simple answer is No, you don't need a driving licence to operate a forklift however, you do need a forklift licence or forklift certification in order to safely operate a forklift.



    Accredited Forklift Licence

    Accredited training courses offer candidates a clear record of what was covered in their forklift training and includes the information that the forklift testing took place in a suitable location. Accredited forklift training is externally verified and is also confirmed meeting the requirement in PUWER Regulation 9* of adequate training.

    We at 4KS Forklift Training provide candidates with RTITB Accredited forklift licences which means our instructors and training centre is annually audited. This enables us to ensure that we are always keeping our standards up to date and provide the best training service out there to our candidates. The main benefit of an accredited forklift licence is that it would always move with you wherever you decide to take your career. An RTITB accredited licence holds a lot of value when you are looking for FLT jobs.

    Non-Accredited Forklift Licence

    Also known as In-house forklift licence. A non-accredited course has no connection with an external accreditation or professional body. These courses are mainly focused on to equip candidates with a certain skill set or a specific knowledge. These types of forklift training courses are normally used by organisations who want to train their employees in-house. This is very beneficial for companies nowadays as this type of course is often cheaper than the accredited forklift licence and the good side to it is that our RTITB qualified instructor carries out training at customer’s premises.

    A Non-Accredited Forklift Licence (In-House Licence) can only be used at organisation premises and does not hold value outside if you were to leave an organisation as it is only valid within their premises.

    Below are some of the various types of training courses and forklift licences that come with it along with expected salaries for each. Click each one to read more or visit our forklift training courses section for more information.

    forklift licence | 4KS Forklift Training
    Counterbalance Forklift Licence

    An approved training course would give candidates the skill and knowledge of how to safely operate the lift truck and efficiently. Our Counterbalance Forklift Course would also include in depth analysis of pre-use-inspection and shown the causes of truck and load instability.

    Counterbalance Forklift Trucks are the most common used truck nationwide. They are straightforward machine and can be driven up to the load that needs to be carried. This is often called CBT Licence or FLT Licence when looking for a counterbalance forklift training.

    Expected Salary for Counterbalance forklift operator ranges between £25 – 28K yearly.

    Reach Truck Forklift Licence

    Reach trucks are very beneficial to use for companies as one of the main features of the lift truck is that their ability to reach the fork carriage out beyond the reach legs further into the racking. This is the reason why it’s called “Reach truck”.

    Reach truck can be used in tightest working environment and can safely lift in excess of 10 meters due to the stabilizing reach legs. The narrow chassis of Reach truck is designed to work in a narrow aisle and their moving mast is precisely designed for pallet storage. Often called Reach Licence or Reach truck licence when looking for a reach truck training.

    Expected salary for Reach truck operators range between £25-28K yearly.

    VNA Forklift Licence

    VNA are very useful for organisations who have their racking very high. As there is a point when a Reach truck does not lift any higher and organisations cannot maximise their racking system this is when the VNA Truck becomes an answer. With VNA (Very Narrow Aisle) operation and the ability to stack and pick at extreme heights, your organisation can now operate at ever higher levels of efficiency. VNA is a very well-known truck nationwide. There are two categories of VNA lift truck – man-up and man-down.

    The completion of the man-up operator course will equip you to operate both VNA machine types. Often called VNA Licence or Man up Man down licence when looking for a VNA truck licence.

    Expected salary for VNA truck operators range between £28-30K yearly.

    Bendi Lift Truck Licence

    Bendi truck is also commonly known as Flexi nationwide. Bendi Truck can carry out normal work as the other lift truck such as counterbalance and reach truck however there is a slight advantage with bendi as the unique design of the machine allows the truck to stack and de-stack pallets in narrow aisles. New Bendi operators will find that it is easier to learn and operate the Flexi Bendi truck than it is to learn and operate more complicated trucks. This is because Flexi requires fewer controls.

    The Flexi truck has the same amount of hydraulic controls as most conventional forklift trucks around, and in similar locations as any conventional lift trucks. Often called Bendi Forklift Licence or Flexi Licence when looking for a Bendi truck licence.

    Expected salary for Bendi truck operators range between £25-28K yearly.

    PPT Truck/ LLOP Licence

    PPT are very well-known machinery nationwide and most of the organisations use this kind of MHE machinery. PPT are one of the simplest lift trucks available out there and very easy to operate. Same principles as hand pump truck are applied to PPT when operating it the only difference is when the forks enter the pallet it can electrically be lifted off the ground. The main advantage is that it helps with manual handling and prevent injuries.

    PPT trucks are best suited when they are driven indoors with smooth ground condition. Often called PPT Licence or LLOP Licence when looking for a PPT/LLOP licence.

    Expected salary for PPT/LLOP operators range between £18-23K yearly.

    Get a Forklift Licence

    Jump-start your forklift career

    forklift licence | 4KS Forklift Training

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    Hire our facilities and classrooms for qualified instructors wanting to carry out their training courses with a valid public liability insurance.

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    Customer Satisfaction

    4KS Forklift Training Ltd prides itself with the highest level of customer satisfaction and highest level of professionalism. All our staff are fully trained and equipped with RTITB qualification.


    This course is specifically designed for people that are existing forklift operators whose forklift licence or certification is due for renewal and need to attend a one-day refresher course and perform a test to renew their licences. An RTITB accredited forklift licence is valid for 3 years.


    This training course is specifically designed for operators who have had experience on the lift truck (Longer than 12 months) but have never had formal training or hold a valid forklift licence.


    This course is specifically designed for the individuals with no previous experience of Materials Handling Equipment (MHE). This course follows the guidelines suggested by ACOP published by the HSE and is approved by RTITB Training Board Standards Limited who are the accrediting body approved by the HSE. Find out more about a counterbalance novice course.

    What you get for choosing 4KS Forklift Training as your provider:

    • Trained in a fully approved RTITB Standard training site
    • Trained by fully qualified RTITB Standard instructors
    • Fully Accredited Licence authorised by RTITB
    • Full training with instructors on 3:1:1 maximum ratio
    • Help with employment and finding forklift jobs
    • Help with CV
    • Help with Job Applications
    • Help and support with theory test questions in various languages

    Are you looking for Work?

    4KS Forklift Training can certainly guide you in that direction and help you get a job as part of our training programme. We offer help with building CV as well as offer advice on job applications and full support. We also give reference to agencies requiring a reference regarding operator’s certification.

    Why Choose 4KS Forklift Training as your course provider

    4KS has been providing training and has fully qualified RTITB instructors that have vast amount of experience in this field. 4KS has many happy clients that return to us for there refresher courses. We have an astonishing 98% pass rate and our aim at 4KS is to keep improving this pass rate.

    Our approved training centre and our fully qualified instructors can deliver wide range of RTITB courses.

    We offer competitive prices and we aim to beat any competitors price just give us a call on 0121 294 9395 today if you are looking for a cheap forklift licence which is fully accredited!

    If you are looking for a forklift licence or FLT licence in the UK and do not know how much a forklift licence costs, please do not hesitate to submit an inquiry on our website and one of our dedicated customer service team member would be in touch with you.


    The training for every course involves both practical and theory at our accredited training centreIf you fail do not worry, we have a pass plus scheme which covers our candidates if they were to fail but at 4KS we have a 98% pass rate.Course times are confirmed via email and text and all relevant information is included in the final booking confirmation email sent to candidates.

    forklift licence | 4KS Forklift Training

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